ruby was spending her day walking down the frozen river she was looking at the cracks in the ice down a few from the ice kingdom a pretty town sparkling with ice towers and crystals 'sigh' 'im really board i wish something fun would happen' just then she heard two voices she turn around and there was a black and white cat and a brown and white cat with a red heart necklace 'excuse me wolf could i ask directions to the ice kingdom where looking for ruby' ava said wolf im a husky and im princencess ruby! ava blushed and eva start laugh ;sorry ruby i never met you before and' but before ava could finish ruby cut her of 'thats ok are you princess eva and eva' why yes; eva said proudly 'cool welcome to the ice kingdom want to have a tour' maybe later its really cold here' ava said shivering 'come on ava ruby lets go im cold!' 'ohh right we need you in pocketville stat' 'why' 'we will tell you every thing later come'! ava said pulling on ruby 'we have a long ride in the carriage' 

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