aka Liam X

Bureaucrat Royal Guard
  • I live in Shrek's swamp
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is school
  • I am a sneaky savage named Liam X
  • Hyena117
    • Pimp logo appaers and disappears*

    Santi X: He he he *grabs the friendship heart*


    Liam X: *takes out his crowbar* I will get him!

    • zull and gort try to stop Liam X but he just jumps over the two morons*

    Ravage: *turns into a ball and knockks over zull and gort*d

    Ezzy X: Whos a good kitty? Whos a good kitty *hugs eva to hard*

    Eva:*growls* WILLIS! MILO!

    • Willis approces Ezzy X*

    Milo: LET HER GO!

    Ezzy X: Here you go *tosses Eva at at willis and milo*

    • the three groan*

    Liam X: *Running toward Santi X*

    Santi X: Wha

    Liam X HYA *wacks Santi X right in the tummy*

    Santi X:  x___x  *falls right on the ground*

    • Ultra friend ship heart begins to fall* 

    Liam X : I got i- woah *ultra friend ship heart and Liam X are t…

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  • Hyena117

    Krakia:Eva...Do you really think we should work with these guys?

    Eva: of corss.We will get into the weakness of Liam X and we take over pocket ville.

    Krakia:Alright *tries to rest*

    Hyena #1:*walks by laughing and farts on krakia*

    Krakia: 0_0 What was tha You little

    Hyena #1 :* chewing on some meat then laughs as he begins chewing on some meat again*

    Krakia: *growls and pokes him with her beak* 

    Hyena #1: *yelps and walks away giggling*

    Hyena #2 and Hyena #3: *hanging out,farting,giggling and eating and rolling in the mud*

    Hyena #2: *rolling in the mud* Hey this is a neat place.

    Hyena #3: *eating while talking* Yeah Its great here.

    Hyena #2: Give me some of that

    Hyena #3: screw you *laughs*

    Hyena #2: You jerk!

    Hyena #3: Let me get in there!

    Hyena #2 Screw…

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  • Hyena117

    Crazy dream I had.

    October 25, 2013 by Hyena117

    So one night I had a dream where I made a wish to be in the P.I.M.P universe. Kate rejeted me as here love intrest and I ran away from "boomerang".I've always thought that the dream was trying to tell me that the creators of the show will reject my carecters but recently,I had a dream where I was me but my cousin was my carecter's cousin,Ezzy X,Was captured by my old school.(Note that that school was horrible when they got new teachers and even my parents agreed) Anyway,I was on the school bus picks me up and drops me off,Kate was there and she wanted to rescue him but I was trying to go before because Ezzy X was my cousin in the dream,So me and Kate wen't together and we where slowy becoming friends.I thought that this dream was trying to…

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  • Hyena117

    Guess what!I got a Tumblr account and I will try to make my own thing called Ask the Lieynas.What a Lieyna is,is a Cobination betwwen A lion and a hyena.I just wan'ted to tell my friends.I also follwed the "SSSST ponie"Thing ;)

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  • Hyena117

    What do you think

    September 21, 2013 by Hyena117

    Dellete this article

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