Krakia:Eva...Do you really think we should work with these guys?

Eva: of corss.We will get into the weakness of Liam X and we take over pocket ville.

Krakia:Alright *tries to rest*

Hyena #1:*walks by laughing and farts on krakia*

Krakia: 0_0 What was tha You little

Hyena #1 :* chewing on some meat then laughs as he begins chewing on some meat again*

Krakia: *growls and pokes him with her beak* 

Hyena #1: *yelps and walks away giggling*

Hyena #2 and Hyena #3: *hanging out,farting,giggling and eating and rolling in the mud*

Hyena #2: *rolling in the mud* Hey this is a neat place.

Hyena #3: *eating while talking* Yeah Its great here.

Hyena #2: Give me some of that

Hyena #3: screw you *laughs*

Hyena #2: You jerk!

Hyena #3: Let me get in there!

Hyena #2 Screw you!!! *farts* 

Hyena #2 and 3: *laughs*

Zull: *growls*

Gort: Idiots. >:/

hyena #4: *pounces on gort*

Zull: I got him *pounces on the Hyena that attacked gort*

Gort: How dare you attack me when I was already having a hard time

Zull: *growls I did not.

  • Gort and Zull fight*

Hyena #5: So much for us being idiots *Laughs him self to sleep*

Eva: *growls* YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS!

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