I am terribly sorry to say this, but this is goodbye..........Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki is closing, and for good this time, I am going to miss everyone, and I mean every single TRUE friend I met on here, my heart aches so much bout this, but I am not going to leave this wiki here to suffer, so I am closing this Wiki down forever.

Willis and Eve trudge off side by side, torwards the setting sun. Mitch and Angela muter amongst themselves in the background bout their children, casting murdeous glances at the other two. Plotting to get back somehow, they devise a plan to get back one day...

If they ever can.

Eva leaves Milo and drags Zull and Gort along with her, Princess Ava moves in with Alex and leaves the Pocket Kingdom over to Magic and Mela, Thomas and Nina go to KittenVille and they get married there and finally have little ones, Danny and Balloon go to the beach to watch their last sunset together.

Nikolai looks back with Eve and Willis, gives a long sad tearful sigh and says "Only if things were different and stayed the same, all at once." throws bag over his back and follows as the sun sets.

Everybody Hurts [A goodbye tribute to this Wiki]

On March the 11th, 2013, Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki closed, along with the friendships that grew on Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki, Everybody Hurts is the Tribuite song I am using before this Wiki is permianitly closes.

Princess Ava stands on a stage looking out at her palace full of Puppy In My Pocket fans who visited the Wiki. "Hello all and thanks for coming, we, the characters of Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki will sing this song for the Fanon Wiki that was abandoned the Wiki and we will miss them anyway." shows a picture of all the Puppy In My Pocket Canon and Fanon Characters as the song begins then the camra shows each character that sings the song.

[Princess Ava] When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,

[Peter] When youre sure youve had enough of this life, well hang on

[Eve] Dont let yourself go, cause everybody cries and everybody hurts

[Mela] Sometimes.... sometimes everything is wrong.

[William] Now its time to sing along

[Danny] When your day is night alone,

[Zull] (hold on, hold on)

[Kate] If you feel like letting go

[Gort] If you think youve had too much of this life, well hang on..

[Koty] Cause everybody hurts..

[Magic] Take Comfort in your friends everybody hurts..

[Robbie] Dont throw your hand, oh no

[Willis] Dont throw your hand.

[Willis & Balloon] If you feel like youre alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

[Bella] If youre on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,

[Evershell] When you think youve had too much of this life...

[Camo] hang on

[Michael] Everybody hurts, sometimes,

[Goldie] Everybody cries

[Krakia] And everybody hurts... sometimes

[Kevin] And everybody hurts... sometimes, so hold on, hold on

[All Canon and Fanon Characters of Puppy In My Pocket] Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, repeat to fade showing a picture of Each Canon and Fanon Character in their best moments ever.

Thanks for reading, Goodbye.
Everybody Hurts (Helping Haiti)05:29

Everybody Hurts (Helping Haiti)

This is how I feel bout closing the Puppy In My Pocket Fanon Wiki :(

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