I have returned from my trip to the South Coast, and I am really happy to be back, I missed everyone and I am happy to get the chance to chat to my friends :D

About my trip, well I have done some sun tanning and spending time with my cousins and aunt, also I been alot more happy for the last 6 to 7 days, cause it was alot of fun and I am more happy since I opened up to the holy spirit and given myself to Jesus Christ spiritually, as well as got my own Bible, an Amplified version, not sure what Amplified is, you can Google it up ^^

Anyway I feel great, I got my very own Bible, which I will study and read every scripture of, as promised to my cousin, and I will join a church sometime next year, and as long as the church goes by Jesus Christ, like Christ Embassy or any other Church, I will be glad to join them.

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