William is a Golden Retriever puppy and the de facto leader of the Royal Guards. He's responsible, loyal, practical, intelligent, courageous, elegant, and well-mannered. He gets along well with and would do anything for his fellow Royal Guards and the citizens of Pocket Kingdom. He has a younger twin brother named Willis and is in love with Stacy.

After "The Homecoming"

William is overjoyed to have his princess back and thus redoubles his efforts as a Royal Guard. After he starts courting Princess Ava, though, he is a little dismayed to find that he has less time to focus on his duties.

Love Interests

  • Princess Ava
  • Stacy

William and Princess Ava courted for a time, but that changed when Stacy moved to Pocketville. She and William fell in love at first sight, and Ava, wanting them to be happy, broke it off with William and wished them the best.